Solomon Islands

Economic Transition in Solomon Islands

After a decade of post-conflict stabilisation and recovery efforts — during which RAMSI played a key role in peacekeeping, policing, justice and economic management — responsibility for internation

‘Beyond Next Tomorrow’: An Examination of Urban Male Youth in Solomon Islands (Thesis Proposal Review)

Accounts of male urban youth within Solomon Islands, like much of Melanesia, frequently tend towards apocryphal depictions of listless, troublesome and disengaged young men. Similar to other post-conflict, developing states, a large and growing cohort of undereducated and underemployed urban males is often associated with prospective instability and violence. However, few studies in Melanesia have attempted to transfer to the page the rich, grounded, candid, and often contradictory, stories of young male urbanites.

State Absence and State Formation in Solomon Islands: Reflections on Agency, Scale and Hybridity

This article engages ethnographic research on perceptions of disputation, justice and security in rural Solomon Islands to reflect on issues of agency, power

Solomon Islands national land reform conference

Land reform is a key priority for the Solomon Islands Government given its potential to provide more sustainable development outcomes.

Transitions and Trends across the Pacific Region - Podcasts

Acknowledging the Realities of an Urban Pacific Pacific Islands cities have experienced rapid urbanisation for decades, attracting migrants in search of a better life.

Sustaining the gains in post-RAMSI Solomon Islands

The Regional Assistance Mission to Solomon Islands(RAMSI) recently concluded at an estimatedcost to Australia of AU$2.6 billion between 2003

Solomon Islands is unprepared to manage a minerals-based economy

Now that Solomon Islands' timber resources are depleted there is a renewed focus on exploiting the nation's mineral resources.

The emergent middle classes in Timor-Leste and Melanesia: Conceptual issues and developmental significance

The emergence of a middle class has been identified as an important factor driving economic and political transitions in Asia and Africa.


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